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*edit. NFT is on Tezo blockchain. Read below for some recommendations for music NFT’s.


Very Excited to announce the first minted and a 1 of 1 NFT being put for auction today. is where this #NFT can be found, and this collaboration is with a known Visual artist and promoter, Kevin Quigley aka Smeyez

If this is the first time hearing this new buzz word NFT (short for “Non-fungible token”,) there’s been an abundance of news coverage recently from Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Bloomberg, Cnet, Wired, CBC, CityNews, Daily Hive, Rolling Stone, thissongissick, NPR, ESPN, and even Yahoo Finance. The reach is almost every sector of business.

Not being the first in line, there’s a massive number of musical artists releasing NTF work, and mostly (not all) in collaboration with visual artist. First being noticed was Deadmau5 (now sold out) releasing packs, and this was discovered while researching NBA’s Top Shot (currently ‘all-in’) and feeling nostalgic with the collectable vibe and how Top Shot moments are appearing as the new/future “sports cards.”

Most notable Music artist being Feed Me (known as Spore in the Drum and Bass circles) with an impressive NFT that includes original visual art by the same artist that produced the music. Also notable is Deadmau5 has been active in this space with several projects, and has been known to be an early adopter in many area’s, and most impressive so far was working with Mad Dog Jones on a collection.

Various other artists have also Tweeted their upcoming work: Steve Aoki , Flume, Kings of Leon, and many many more to come.


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