Do you produce beats? Mix or master audio? or are you recording yourself for a podcast even. What ever you might be using your Digital Audio Workstation for, this site (check the free plug-ins) has many tools to help you get to that next level for producing, recording, and sound engineering needs. VST plugins, sample packs, and more.

Free Music Plugins from


When constantly asked for tips, or advice for producing, the first step I give is to always use top quality samples. My best recommendation is always Loop Masters Artist Series Using the best quality samples, will always improve the quality of your song. The infamous quote “you can polish a turd as much as you want, its still a turd,” is something that applies here. If the sample quality of the snare sound is laking, you can apply all the processing and mixing techniques in the world, it’s still going to sound poor.

By selecting an artist pack, that produces a style of music you want to make, you will be provided with that exact style of samples you need, and they will be good quality. This step is the best starting point, when learning to produce music within a DAW.

“The best recommendation for learning to produce, is to check out Loopmasters Artist Series”


Loopmasters Artist Series


Some additional Sample Packs, based on Genre, is also a great way to get inspired. Here’s an easy link to three options:


Loopmasters Royalty Free Samples 

Dubstep Sample Music from

Techno Music Samples from  

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