Almost a full year for a Mathmatech ‘in-store’ release, a remix for Fear the Priest, and a full three years since the release of Neon Blue. Production has improved vastly, over the three years since the Album release, with more time spent on each detail of a release. Not rushing into this release, provided the opportunity to listen to the many finished tracks on club systems, and re-work elements, and ensure higher quality. The process of taking additional time to focus over a longer period, has been applied to a number of finished tracks, and the catalogue of finished tracks continues to grow, while containing improved production skills.

There’s two versions of this release, with the DJ in mind, to use the two tracks as a DJ Tool, for a transition from a Jungle tune, or from a Drum and Bass tune into Jungle. Have a listen to the track previews of the Mathmatech Original, and the remix, using the Beatport embedded player, below.

Reese flavour and a Jump up tune, proves its weight on the dance floor, every time. Car frames rattle, when the Sub hits after the drop, with tear out drums, and a side melody keeping it rolling. Car Flip, is Mathmatech’s Debut single on Champion Beats, as a follow-up to the massive jump up VIP, and tear out remix for Fear the Priest.

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