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Fresh Bootlegged remix video, loading VHS Status… This video was a good amount of editing, and learning some new video tricks, and the Remix was one that’s been on the “do to” list of tracks to add Drum and Bass vibes to, for a while. After a few attempts, the vocals had been pitched up to match the tempo of DNB. Only using the vocals, required a new set of Synths to be designed to match the vibe, and still retain the Drum and Bass sound.


This is the second video to contain the VHS effect, as the first video contained a clip of a tune that’s been doing well on the dancefloor. Have a look and listen to the first VHS effect, video. Give the videos a like, and comment, on the Mathmatech Page, and give the page a like, if you havn’t already. Let me know if you like the VHS effect, and want to see more creative direction with video editing.

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