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Was time to trim some old tunes on Soundcloud, and update the Spotlight section. Soundcloud, the increasingly controversial music industry site. Controversial? If you haven’t heard in the past year(s), the music community start-up, has been growing away from its core audience, in favour of the major label deals. Find more details at these trusted sources: Universal or UMG, Sony or Sony monetize agreement, and an article regarding Warner.

There’s many plus sides to major record labels from the traditional era embracing the community site, but so far any mention of a change has long time users of Soundcloud running and screaming with terror about change. One change that has stood out the most, is the repeated take down notices, directed to legitimate original works by the actual producers. Sample takedown notice posted on this Thump article, seems legitimate, and at the same time show the core base that Soundcloud is no longer a hub for the freedom of musical expression. A once trusted platform for showcasing original music, has become user beware. Mathmatech remixes not found on Soundcloud, can be found over in the Music section with the site embedded player, yet some samples and remix work at the Mathmatech Soundcloud profile has eluded the takedown attacks.

With all this controversy, Mathmatech releases are being geared up for official stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Juno, and even Spotify. Organization of the Spotlight on Soundcloud was necessary, and will likely be updated with tracks far after the official 2016 releases have been completed and promoted. There’s currently some site exclusives in the shop, that are not found at Soundcloud, or online retailers.


Mathmatech EP, available free as a Download exclusively at Soundcloud.

Mathmatech ft Killah MC, early dubplate teaser. An example of what’s to come in 2016 releases.



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